Aspiring Managers Programme (AMP)

Management and Leadership

HAD’s Aspiring Managers Programme (AMP) is a four day (2 modules of 2 days) programme providing participants with the fundamental knowledge and skills required of an effective manager.

Many organisations have the challenge of succession planning – in the short term, the struggle to replace a manager and, longer term, to keep a flow of potential managers coming through.

This introductory course aims to develop the next generation by targeting managers-to-be and preparing them with an introduction to management, ready for when the next vacancy arises.

By way of preparation, AMP provides the fundamental knowledge and skills required to eventually become an effective first line manager / team leader / supervisor. It also gives tips on making the transition and navigating the first few weeks and months.

Main Objectives

  • To develop a pipeline of new management talent and aid with succession planning.
  • To help new and aspiring managers grow and develop their management acumen through theory and practical application.
  • To prepare prospective managers to effectively make the transition from ‘work mate’ to manager.

What will you learn?

  • A grounding in the basics of management and awareness and skills to become an effective first line manager / team leader /supervisor.
  • Making the transition to a new manager.
  • A solid basis for the early stages of being a manager

Who will benefit from this course?

  • Any employer in any sector, especially large-medium organisations.
  • Team members with a realistic chance of becoming a first line manager / team leader / supervisor within a year or two.
  • New managers who have had little or no management training to equip them.


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