Certified Expert in Islamic Microfinance course

Certified Expert in Islamic Microfinance

Islamic Finance


In this 6-month online course you will learn about key Islamic finance principles and the major financing mechanisms and products used in Islamic microfinance. The course will cover:

  • Overview of Islamic Economics & Microfinance
  • Islamic Microfinance Contracts
  • Managing Islamic Microfinancing
  • Risk Management in Islamic Microfinance Institutions
  • Regulatory, Governance and Sharia Compliance Framework for Islamic Microfinance
  • Financial and Social Performance Management

The course follows the international Islamic banking standards (aaoifi.com) thereby making it relevant in a global industry.

The Certified Expert in Islamic Microfinance (CEIM) is a joint development between Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and the Humanitarian Academy for Development (HAD). Participants will benefit from the Academic and Consulting experience of one of the top business schools in Europe (renowned in the field of Microfinance) and the operational experience of a pioneer in the NGO sector.


In the growing area of Islamic microfinance, a diverse skill-set is required, ranging from the ethics of Islamic finance to retail micro-banking.

This 6-month certification course is designed to be a part-time training, offering you the flexibility to follow your own schedule and the ability to combine daily work with your professional development.

Your trainers

  • Muniruddeen Lallmahomood

Being CEO of the Century Bank, Mauritius, and at the same time visiting professor in Islamic finance at Paris-Dauphine University and the University of Strasbourg, Muniruddeen, an AAOIFI certified Sharia Advisor and Auditor, has the perfect combination of training and practical experience to provide a well-rounded course.

  • Yekbun Gurgoz

Having been responsible for a portfolio of technical assistance projects in India, Jordan, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, and Morocco, Yekbun has gained a wealth of experience in microfinance with a strong focus on challenging developing markets.

  • Mohammed Kroessin

Heading the Islamic Microfinance Unit at IRW with a portfolio spanning 12 countries, Mohammed is a development economist who has been working with Sharia compliant financial inclusion programmes in Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia. As a board director of Bosnia’s only Sharia compliant MFI he brings a wealth of practice oriented insights to the CEIM programme.

Who should attend?

This course is targeted to the needs of microfinance staff, at both operational and the management level.

Good command of English is a must. Candidates also should be prepared to spend on average 3-5 hours per week on self-study over a 6-months period to successfully complete the certificate course, at the end of which an exam will have to be taken at one of nearly 100 accredited Frankfurt School exam centres around the world.

Deadline for applications is 1st March 2017 – please register your interest in this course by an sending email to learning@had-int.org



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