Core Humanitarian Standard

Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS)

Project Management and Programme Quality

CHS is the result of consultations with humanitarian workers, communities and people affected by crises, NGOs, Governments, UN, donor agencies and academics.

It is an international standard that is becoming more and more important for humanitarian workers and aid projects. A lack of understanding of CHS and non-compliance with the standard can greatly undermine funding.

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Main Objectives:

  • To understand the importance of accountability in the Humanitarian Sector
  • To be able to apply the principals of the Core Humanitarian Standard in specific roles.
  • Learn how the Sphere Handbook can be utilised to improve humanitarian work.
  • To understand the value of co-ordinated and collaborative working in the humanitarian sector.

Who will benefit from this course?:

This is course is aimed at all NGOs, humanitarian workers and those who wish to understand the principles of accountability of humanitarian work.

By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • List the nine commitments of the CHS and explain how each contributes to the delivery of a quality humanitarian response within the NGO sector.
  • Act as advocates and peer leaders on the importance of quality, accountability and good people management in humanitarian action.
  • Know the role of the CHS in improving the quality and effectiveness of the assistance provided to communities and to those people affected by crises.

We can deliver the Core Humanitarian Standard to your team or organisation either in the UK or a location suited to you across the globe.

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