Project Management and Programme Quality

How do you dream of changing the world? Dig wells, microfinance, rural health clinics, distribute food to the hungry? Not surprisingly, few people answer “I would manage projects.”

And yet, while millions of development workers change the world through their activities, they all do it through projects!

The purpose of PMD Pro is to improve development professionals’ project management capacity and thus help increase the efficiency and effectiveness of projects. As the first stage, this training prepares people for the examination to achieve PMD Pro 1 certification, which is recognised worldwide as a development sector project management qualification.

Main Objectives

  • To manage humanitarian projects in a more informed, controlled and, ultimately, a more cost-effective way and, in the process, reduce stress and ‘crises’.
  • To deploy the principles, phases and disciplines for improved projects in the development sector.
  • To adapt PMD Pro to the context of the project.

Who will benefit from this course? 

  • Humanitarian practitioners who are new to project management.
  • Project Managers and team members who are new to the development sector.
  • Humanitarians and development sector professionals who intend to pursue professional credentials in project management.

What will you learn?

This course will cover the complete content of the PMD Pro syllabus:

  • Projects in the development sector.
  • The PMD Pro Project Phase Model: identification and design, set-up, planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and control, end of project transition.
  • Project management disciplines overview: scope, time, finances, risk, project justification, stakeholders, supply chain.
  • Adapting the PMD Pro.

This will prepare people to undertake the PMD Pro 1 examination at the end of the course which, if passed, will enable them to become certificated as a project management professional.

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