Sphere into Practice

Project Management and Programme Quality

This training provides an introductory insight into Sphere, and why and how it is relevant to disaster management. It is aimed at making the technical / sectoral aspects of the Sphere Project’s Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Disaster Response more accessible and applicable.

Main Objectives

  • Apply the Sphere handbook as a tool for disaster response and use it at each stage of the project cycle.
  • Enable participants to be able to use the Humanitarian Charter and Protection Principles as a framework for the Sphere Minimum Standards in Humanitarian Response.
  • Understand and deploy the key actions, indicators and guidance notes on water, sanitation and hygiene promotion; shelter and settlements; non-food items; and food security.

Who is this course for?

  • Managers and humanitarian field workers who sometimes feel out of their depth in dealing with the various standards and indicators.
  • Aid workers who want to better understand the Sphere Handbook.
  • People entering or seeking work in humanitarian aid.

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