Human Development & Poverty

Tackling poverty and promoting long term sustainable development remains one of the key priorities of the Humanitarian Academy for Development (HAD). We understand that poverty is multi-dimensional and includes not only economic deprivation, but also deprivation in areas of health, education, rights and governance amongst others.

Islamic Relief therefore seeks to promote an approach that is holistic and considers a multitude of factors affecting human development, as opposed to a linear approach to development. The work we do in this area aims to provide sound analysis and reasoning behind the dimensions of poverty, effective measures to combat poverty, the issue of human rights and how our work is linked-in with Islamic values.

Islamic Relief will work towards and is interested in research addressing the challenge of human development and poverty by looking at the following areas, in the context of a faith perspective:

  • understanding human wellbeing
  • satisfaction of basic needs compared with wants; absence of fear
  • capabilities
  • opportunities for work
  • access to health & education