My work experience at IR has deified many of the negative associations of an internship. Most significantly, I’ve been treated with respect as a colleague, not as a subordinate. For this, I’m grateful to the Academy and perhaps more importantly, to my colleagues and line manager Lucy.

Everybody I’ve met in the IR family has shown a remarkable willingness to help, sharing their rich knowledge and giving up their valuable time. The main reason for my undertaking this internship was to gain a deeper understanding of how an INGO functions behind the scenes; having studied the humanitarian impact of NGOs at university, I wanted to see how their engines work. If nothing else, I think I have gained this insight at IR.

This is thanks to the autonomy and support I received, allowing me to work with several departments (Policy and Research, Public Affairs and Programmes). I’ll miss the jovial character of the London office and its abundance of sweet treats. I’ll be leaving IR a more informed, patient, humbled…and slightly podgier individual.