With an interest in religion from my under graduate in Journalism and Religion studies at Sterling University,  I decided to enrol onto a Post Graduate degree at Groningen University in Holland.  Over the following year I studied Religion Conflict and Globalisation and it was here that my interest in International Development grew.

My reasons for doing the degree were simple; I wanted to learn about the effects of the misconceptions of religion being used as scapegoat for violence. Modules such migration and identity, the effects of globalisation and fundamentalism had given me an insight into the world of International Development and I knew this was the direction I wanted my career to head.

While in Holland I began an internship at a local Christian organisation that provided accommodation to stateless people and displaced migrants. After this ended I was looking for more work experience – not only to grow my CV but  I also wanted help people.

It was at this time that my lecturer at Groningen University recommended Islamic Relief Worldwide to me and told me to keep an eye out on their website for potential opportunities. Having had a look I  was interested in the work that they did, so when I came across the broad base of internships  I applied immediately.

I was offered an interview and naturally was delighted.

After the two stage interview process I was successful in becoming the Research and Development Intern to be based at the HAD offices in Birmingham.

My internship has been very productive and I have worked on a number of proposals as well as a project on forced migration. I have also helped develop a domestic program to assist the integration of skilled refuges in the UK and have been trained in project management and conflict sensitivity.

I have really enjoyed my time at HAD where everyone has been so helpful and I’ve made some good friends and contacts for my future career.

I would encourage all graduates looking to progress a career within an NGO or International Development to apply for internships at Islamic Relief Worldwide.