Micheal Williams

Michael joined Islamic Relief as an intern with the Humanitarian Department whilst completing his Masters in International Relations (Security) from the University of Birmingham. He joined with a varied work experience having volunteered for Refugee Action and having participated in the 52nd Annual Graduate Study Programme at the United Nations office in Geneva.

To date his tasks have involved helping to edit and review concept notes and proposals for projects, assisting with the organisation of training events for the Disaster Response Team and attending meetings about future projects or review previous ones. His activities  vary from week to week.

Michael says: “My colleagues in the HD have all been eager to include me in all aspects of the work from very first day and that has been hugely helpful and something that I am not sure would have been possible in many other organisations.”

Recently Michael has also been on field trip to South Africa to assist Islamic Relief South Africa with the coordination and hosting of the Grassroots Consultation Conference for Eastern and Southern Africa as part of the build-up to the World Humanitarian Summit in 2016. During the conference, Michael worked as a facilitator, guiding discussions between delegates and coordinating the development of a summary of their findings. He had the opportunity to engage with delegates from across the region and learn from their experiences of pressing issues in their respective countries.

Michael’s long-term career ambitions are to be directly involved in humanitarian relief work and he is confident that his placement in the Humanitarian Department has been a great step forward to achieving his aims. The opportunity to be involved in key aspects of humanitarian programming such as creating concept notes and developing proposals and seeing the overall process of humanitarian programme implementation and all the challenges and pitfalls that can arise during that process has been a welcome eye-opener.

When asked to sum up his Internship experience so far:

“It’s been challenging, informative and extremely useful.”