Morshed Alam, a graduate from Al Azhar University in Islamic Studies and Arabic Literature, is currently completing his Masters in Islamic Finance at the Markfield Institute in Leicester. As part of his Internship with the Islamic Microfinance Unit, Morshed has been tasked with a consultancy type project to assess the viability and demand for a microfinance scheme for IRW employees through the development of a credit union.

This assignment gives him the opportunity to familiarise himself with an interesting cross-section of IR staff functions such as HR, Finance, Policy and the microfinance team. He also adds incredible value to the team by allowing them to engage with an important topic that is not directly related to IR’s mandate of relieving poverty abroad but allows IR’s experience from the field of microfinance potentially to be applied ‘at home’.

Morshed is currently assessing demand for such a credit union and the logistical and legal framework for developing such a scheme. As well as conducting secondary research, Morshed has already spoken to established credit unions and senior colleagues from HR and Finance.

He will soon undertake research directly with staff to help understand to what extent there is an appetite amongst IR employees for this service.