Established in 2013 as the Leadership and Development arm of Islamic Relief Worldwide, the Humanitarian Academy for Development (HAD) is now a centre of excellence serving the Leadership, Research and Talent Development needs of the wider humanitarian sector.

We take humanitarian learning and experience direct from the field to the classroom for analysis and dissemination, and back to the field for immediate implementation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the knowledge and skills of the humanitarian sector and Islamic Relief family through capacity building, applied research and leadership development.

Our Aim

  • To satisfy the capacity building, knowledge generation and leadership development needs of the IR family.
  • To be a leading global think-tank in the humanitarian sector, with a focus on the developing world.
  • To develop and inspire better humanitarian approaches and solutions through real-world research and best practice that bridges the knowledge and skills gap.
  • To prepare, educate and empower humanitarian actors and policy makers right across the aid sector, contributing to an overall improved impact.
  • To be recognised as a leading authority on Islamic perspectives within humanitarian and development issues.
  • To provide excellent training facilities and services to all our stakeholders, at competitive rates.

I hope this website will help provide an idea about how we can transform your staff’s capabilities through our training courses either at our luxurious training site or at an location right for your team.

Dr Hossam Said (MBChB, MBA)

Managing Director