Consultancy to maximise


Before the training

Managers can often be heard saying: ‘I’ve sent staff onto courses but it’s a waste of time. They come back and carry on doing things the same as before. What’s the point?’ This is understandable in these circumstances because, after all, training is supposed to enable change and improvement at work. HAD offers training consultancy services to overcome these blockages and maximise the effectiveness and long-term impact of training.

After the training

Our innovative ‘wrap-around’ service can ensure transference of the learning into working practices. After the course, using coaching, mentoring and progress-chasing, we work with the participants and their managers to see their action plans implemented. We guide, support and progress-chase the application of what was learned, and thus see it embedded into working practices to the benefit of the individual, job, team and employer.

Trainings We Deliver

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