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Fundraising courses at HAD


Nobody is surprised to hear that fundraising is the life-blood of any charity. Yet most fundraisers learn the job just by watching and by trial-and-error. There is a shortage of fundraising courses delivered by people who can speak from front-line experience.

HAD is remedying this with our ground-breaking programme, which pulls together the best practice and latest ideas from across the world. These courses have the potential to further professionalise fundraising and take it to the next level.

This is in four modules:

  • Community
  • Digital
  • Institutional
  • Business/Corporate fundraising.

Founded on decades of hard-won practical experience, each module is typically one or two days. The practitioner-led training can be a basic introduction or advanced training and is adaptable with any mix-and-match of the four modules.

Main Objectives

  • To increase charitable income, gain more donors and increase in repeat donors.
  • To develop a more effective fundraising strategy (how to build, monitor and deliver).

Who is this course for?

  • Professional fundraisers, event organisers and experienced volunteers.
  • People new to fundraising or moving into a new type of fundraising (e.g. digital).

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