Remote Capacity Building of Iraqi, Syrian and Yemeni NGOs to Adapt to COVID-19 Context

HAD has completed implementation of an essential and important project aimed at building the capacity of Iraqi, Syrian and Yemeni NGOs to adapt to the current COVID-19 context. Local NGOs from these three countries were provided remote training, coaching and mentoring to adjust to the COVID-19 crisis in order to be able to carry out their indispensable programmes, and build their capacity to ensure their sustainability and business continuity through this and other crises.

The project, which was completed over 2 phases, aimed to build the capacity of local NGOs to develop plans and processes within their organisations that ensure their sustainability and business continuity through the current COVID crisis.

Phase one of the project included a systematic review of the NGOs current capacity through an Organisation Capacity Assessment Tool (OCAT). This tool allowed the NGOs to identify what they consider to be the ideal model of what an NGO should be, and how their NGO measures up against this model. The tool was adopted to capture NGOs capabilities to respond to the COVID-19 crisis and measure the extent to which the NGOs can be resilient and rapidly respond to their constituencies needs.

Phase two of the capacity building project built on the assessment carried out in Phase 1 – allowing mentors and NGOs to work to build capacities in the areas identified as weaknesses in the ability of the NGOs to respond to COVID and to ensure their own sustainability. Phase 2 included providing online training, virtual mentoring and individualised coaching for the NGOs through the use of expert consultants identified by HAD. This remote mentoring and coaching was based on the individual capacity building and COVID-19 resilience needs of the NGOs. The coaching and mentoring was based on existing online resources for organisational strengthening/adjustment to ensure sustainability, as well as the COVID-19 response.

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