Hamzah Guddam – MENA-EE Intern

Hamzah Guddam Intern
Hamzah Guddam

“My internship with IRW has given me a bigger exposure than I anticipated in a great platform to begin my humanitarian career, giving me the opportunity to enhance my knowledge of the sector as well as enabling me to develop essential skills that I could use in the near future.”


I graduated from the University of Westminster with a BA in Business Management which taught me much more than I expected, adding a personal development and a new mindset in my future career path.

Shortly after leaving university, I began my three-month internship in the MENA-EE department at IRW. I had the opportunity to develop a number of skills throughout my journey that I had not experienced before. I have been challenged daily to meet urgent calls or deadlines, and I have learned that the work of a humanitarian worker never stops.

Whilst in this role, I was introduced to most of the MENA team, including not only the ones that work in the office but also those who work on the field, which was really eye-opening and honouring to see. During my internship, I gave assistance to the MENA-EE team on different projects across the region and countries like Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Gaza. I contributed in different reports for IR field offices, IR partners and institutional partners which all need to be informed about the progress of our projects. Also, I had to work closely with regional desk officers to ensure that deadlines are accomplished and communicated with the field offices, and assisted with the purchasing requisitions of the company. All of these tasks have helped me develop essential skills that will be vital in my future career.

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