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Through the Research and Development Unit at the Humanitarian Academy for Development (HAD), research students and scholars are able to benefit from our applied research to develop a faith-based understanding of development.

For those who might not  have an opportunity to gain practical insight into humanitarian and relief work, we offer a Fellowship Programme. This bridges the gap between humanitarian relief practice and development research.

There are two strands available – Postgraduate Fellows and Academic Fellows.

The Postgraduate fellows programme is aimed at master’s level or PhD level students who are conducting research in the area of international development or humanitarian aid. The Academic Fellows programme is aimed at established academics who would like to publish research in an area of mutual interest and to join our existing network of esteemed academics.

At HAD we aim to foster a cooperative approach in its partnership with Fellows in order to produce high impact research that is tangible, practically relevant and therefore, mutually beneficial.

If you are a higher education provider and would like to discuss how HAD can assist your postgraduate programmes or a cohort of research students, please e-mail us at to arrange further discussion.


Academic Fellows

Academic Fellows

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