Research Priorities

The HAD Research team works closely with NGOs and others who provide humanitarian assistance where it is most needed and to support long term integrated and sustainable development that is owned and led by communities.

Naturally, local knowledge is critical to this, and we seek to work in partnership with local communities to understand key development challenges and facilitate development that is most crucially participatory in nature.

In order to ensure that our programs and projects are well-informed by the needs of the community we conduct research that seeks to better understand development challenges faced in-country. This can then be used to inform and shape our approach to a number of development issues.

Within each of these areas, specialist staff conduct their own original research as well as collaborate with academics, NGOs and FBOs to undertake focused studies on such topics. This can then be used to offer training to field office staff, as well as inform the development of projects and programs. In order to support our research efforts, we have a pool of academic and postgraduate research fellows that are able to conduct focused research on a variety of topic areas in order to meet organisational research needs.