Remodelling Donor Behaviour

Remodelling Donor Behaviour

by Abdulbaset Hamadi









Aid, Donor, Fundraising, Human Development, Humanitarian, Islamic Relief Academy, Poverty reduction, Sadaqah, Zakat

Islamic Relief Academy In this programmes, Abdulbaset Hamadi investigated faith-based donor behaviour in detail, remodelled it and proposed a new, practical model; generally applicable, though particularly suitable for Islamic institutions and donor circumstances specific to Muslim charitable giving. Additionally through his programmes into donor recipient interaction, Abdulbaset has recognised significant issues with respect to donor retention and has proposed solutions for receiving organisations to address these problems. He has articulated the importance that charities need to place on donor behaviour; why donors give to specific causes and not to others; and understood the determinants driving decision-making in donating to humanitarian organisations and causes. Furthermore, Abdulbaset has identified that existing models fail to go far enough, in that they cannot be universally applied to all charities and contexts as they do not recognise major determinants in donor decision-making, for example donor decisions required for products such as Zakah or Waqf, or under specific circumstances, such as during the holy month of Ramadan, in which donors have a significantly greater propensity for donating, regardless of the presence of an expressed or advocated need. Office Citation Hamadi. A. (2015). Remodelling Donor Behaviour, Islamic Relief Academy, Birmingham, UK.