Madrasah Education: Protecting and Educating Children in Islam

Madrasah Education: Protecting and Educating Children in Islam

by Ms. S.R Platt & Mr Syed U.A Shah


Educational Resource


Islamic Relief Worldwide





Child Protection, Faith Perspective, India, Indonesia, Islamic Relief Malaysia, Kenya, Mali, Pakistan, Working Paper

  Over the last two decades Islamic Relief through its work in many marginal and challenging regions has come into contact, interacted with, and in some cases worked with madrasahs in tackling poverty. They represent an extremely important institution in the lives and psyche of billions of Muslims worldwide who struggle to educate their children and maintain their faith teaching and way of life. In many of the poorest countries and regions madrasah education may be the only choice as a means of education, so they represent a very important developmental institution in the lives of millions of people. This report explores the importance, relevance and challenges faced by governments, communities, families and most importantly by children frequenting these establishments. After ploughing through the findings, recommendations have been put forward to help support move towards change in providing a safe and protected environment for children in education. Office Citation Platt,S.R. and Shah,S.U.A. (2013) Madrasah Education: Protecting and Educating Children in Islam. Islamic Relief Worldwide, Birmingham, [Online]Available: