Tahsin Tayyab – Finance Intern

Tahsin Tayyab Intern

“My internship was beneficial from the get-go and helped me land a job that I enjoyed! ”


Upon completing my Accounting & Finance degree, I wanted to ensure that my work wasn’t simply a “normal” finance role. It was imperative for me that my work involved helping to make a positive impact in the world. The finance internship at IRW provided me with the perfect opening to not only utilise my accounting skills but to also play my part in a change-making organisation.

From day one, I felt part of the team and was entrusted with various responsibilities ensuring that I was able to continuously learn and develop. Responsibilities included reviewing and approving budgets for projects, setting up project pin codes in the system and initiating transfer of funds for projects as and when required. As a graduate, it is vital that people are willing to invest their time and effort into you and I found my colleagues to be excellent in this regard.

Once the three months had passed, I was blessed with the opportunity to join on as an official member of staff, firstly joining the ICT team as an Assistant Financial Systems Analyst and eventually assuming the role of Systems Accountant working as part of the Finance Reporting team.

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