Sustainable Development Goals

The Post 2015 Agenda set out an approach to sustainable development that seeks to end poverty in all its forms across the globe, in balancing three critical dimensions: environmental, social and economic development.

Following on from a widely encompassing consultative process, the Post 2015 Agenda now comprises of 17 global development goals which will guide policy and funding for the next 15 years, a commitment to address climate change, and a commitment to look into innovative development financing, based on an acknowledgement that current foreign aid assistance will not be sufficient to fund the new ambitious development agenda.

Humanitarian Academy for Development (HAD) is therefore acutely interested in research focusing on:

  • Faith perspectives on the newly formed sustainable development goals
  • Innovative development financing opportunities, particularly from a faith perspective
  • Studies on particular modes and mechanisms of finance – such as waqf, zakah, qard hasan etc.
  • Faith responses to climate change and environmental sustainability