Programme Overview

Coaching and mentoring is an essential part of any training and capacity building programme. It involves supporting participants following the delivery of training and guiding them through the practical application of what they have learned. A common failing of any training is that people ‘leave their learning at the training room door’. Coaching and mentoring ensures transference of learning, supporting participants to actually put into practice what they have learned.

The Main Objectives

  • Maximise the transference of knowledge from theory to practice, by encouraging and guiding course participants through relevant practical tasks.
  • Support participants to produce key outputs, by applying the learning they have acquired (e.g. preparing a proposal, writing a report, designing a fundraising campaign).
  • Provide follow-up support to fill any gaps and clarify any uncertainties from the training received.

What It Includes


Short-term process to facilitate and support the practical implementation of a specific skill acquired from the training, through supervising the delivery of key outputs.


Long-term guidance and advice for participants, to help them grow and evolve, provide them with direction, and clarify any questions or uncertainties they may have following the training.

Technical Support

Provide support to individuals and departments to overcome specific challenges, develop and/or apply relevant policies/guidelines/processes, and better understand technical processes relevant to their work (e.g. leadership, human resources, programmes, finance).

Who Is This Service For?

  • Staff at any level who have received training and require further support to put the learning they have acquired into practice.

  • Individuals or departments in general need of technical support and guidance.