Programme Overview

Following the needs assessment, HAD’s experts will work with organisations to support them in creating a capacity building plan that is tailored specifically to address the gaps identified. This is a collaborative and guided process rather than instructed and once completed, each organisation targeted will have their own tailored organisational capacity building plan.

The Main Objectives

  • Fill the gaps identified by the needs assessment to address specific areas of development.

  • Tailor the capacity building plan to each organisation through a participatory approach.

What It Includes

Needs Assessment

The first step towards producing a tailored capacity building plan is to conduct the needs assessment.

Tailored Capacity Building Plan

Facilitate a series of discussions within the organisation around the recommended interventions and how these can be best adapted the organisation’s area of work, context, and any other preferences. This service can be conducted face-to-face, remotely or through a hybrid approach to offer flexibility.

Who Is This Service For?

  • Organisations that require institutional capacity building and have completed a needs assessment.