UK / 2018- ongoing

January this year saw the long awaited roll out of the Recruitment and Selection workshop. This is a mandatory course initially for all recruiting managers but ultimately anyone who sits on an interview panel will be required to complete this and will roll out globally. Whether in the humanitarian sector or elsewhere, recruitment and selection is one of the key and often underestimated aspects of capacity building. Recruiting and building a solid operative team is vital for developing and enhancing organisational effectiveness, which is what HAD is all about.

Some of the key areas covered in the course

• Legal obligations

• Unconscious Bias

• Top errors that recruiting manager’s make

• Safeguarding

• Alternatives to interviews for selection


  • 24 trained
  • Launched in 2019
  • Designed and delivered by HAD L&D experts.


Tackling difficult yet vital topics regarding recruitment and its place within the humanitarian sector.

Designed and delivered by HAD's Learning and Development team.

NEWLY designed and launched course, in early 2019

The earliest and possibly most vital step of capacity building for your team and organisation.