Coronavirus and the Media


As the coronavirus continues to make an impact at a global and local level, and as more people are self-isolating in an effort to promote social distancing, the media are a key actor in informing the ordinary person about what  the virus is, what to do and what the next steps are. It is a huge advantage to be able to access vast amounts of information quickly via a diverse number of platforms (TV news, social media, WhatsApp groups, etc.). However, there is also the ugly side of information overload, as people are exposed to news that is not only not [...]

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Coronavirus, the Humanitarian Sector and the Media


March 20, 2020 Coronavirus, the Humanitarian Sector and the Media On Wednesday 11th March 2020 the World Health Organisation declared the rapidly spreading coronavirus outbreak a pandemic, acknowledging that it is likely to spread to every country in the world. The full extent of Coronavirus and its impact on the humanitarian sector is not yet known but the outbreak is likely to have a significant impact on NGOs. The situation with Coronavirus is changing daily, with the death toll increasing and governmental and NGO precautions adapting based on the evolving circumstances of coronavirus and its impact, as of 18th of March [...]

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