4 Ways Coronavirus Could Change the World


4 Ways Coronavirus Could Change the World1. Technology and cultural changes2. Working environments could change3. Health care goes digital4. Consumer spending habits are set to change 4 Ways Coronavirus Could Change the World June 10, 2020 Coronavirus has changed the world. You only need to turn on the news or even look out the window to witness this. But with no vaccine yet, how much of this is set to stay? And what cultural changes will come about from this new way of life? Below are four ways coronavirus could change the world. 1. Technology and cultural changes Since the virus [...]

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HAD Recommends: 5 Ways to Fundraise During COVID-19


As the world went into lockdown to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, many NGOs and charities had to cancel their fundraising activities to abide by social distancing rules. However, there are still opportunities for fundraising, we just need to adapt and be creative! Here are 5 ways to fundraise during COVID-19. 5 Ways to Fundraise During COVID-191. Adapt planned events2. Use Instagram Live3. Create a fundraising challenge based around lockdown4. Host an online fundraising quiz5. Don’t stop contact 5 Ways to Fundraise During COVID-19 1. Adapt planned events While traditional fundraising events, such as marathons or coffee mornings, are no [...]

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Development Research Ethics in the time of COVID-19


Development Research Ethics in the time of COVID-19Ethical issues to think aboutResources for researchers to conduct ethical research Development Research Ethics in the time of COVID-19 Development Research in this blog, Research and Development Officer Dr Vanessa Malila, explores the importance and complexity of research ethics during the COVID-19 pandemic. “Humanities and social science researchers play a crucial role in epidemic preparedness and response. Their studies provide insight into the social context of outbreaks. This knowledge can help us to adapt and improve our response to outbreaks.” (Joao Rangel de Almeida) The current global crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has [...]

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Coronavirus Crisis & the Future of Action on Climate Change


Action on Climate ChangeThe coronavirus pandemic ,A silver liningCleaner air in cities across the wordBack to natureTwo crises Action on Climate Change The coronavirus pandemic and global lockdowns have caused a reduction in carbon emissions, cleaner air and re-emerging wildlife, offering a glimpse into an alternative future should drastic action on climate change be taken following the crisis. The coronavirus pandemic ,A silver lining The coronavirus pandemic and strict lockdowns that followed have grounded almost all flights, significantly limited the amount of people commuting to and from workplaces and drastically reduced the amount of traffic on roads. A 6% drop in [...]

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Research on Covid-19 and Faith


Covid-19 and Faith Risks and opportunities for research on Covid-19 Learning from past mistakes to prevent harm  1) Acknowledge existing expertise  2) Consider historic context and local characteristics  3) Adopt intersectional approaches Conclusion Covid-19 and Faith What do we need to take into account when planning research on Covid-19 and faith? In this blog post, HAD’s Head of Research Dr Jennifer Philippa Eggert argues that we should learn from research responses to previous crises in order to avoid past mistakes. Risks and opportunities for research on Covid-19 If someone had described the situation we are currently finding ourselves in a year [...]

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Easing the Lockdown


Easing the LockdownWhat’s changed?ProblemsImpact on NGOsConclusion Easing the Lockdown On Sunday 10th May 2020, the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s televised address set out a provisional plan to begin easing the lockdown restrictions in England. The plan describes making gradual changes to avoid a second wave of coronavirus spreading, but Downing Street’s decision to drop the “stay at home” slogan in favour of “stay alert” has been criticised for being vague and unclear. What’s changed? The government website lists a new set of guidelines for easing the lockdown. One person from a household is now allowed to meet with one person [...]

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How to Practice Mindfulness


Practice MindfulnessCreating new habitsWhat is Practice mindfulness?Advantages and benefits of practicing mindfulnessImproved focus Improved mental and psychical health Greater Resilience Stronger Relationships Enhanced Creativity 1. Mindfulness Meditation2. Observe Your Environment3. Slow Down4. Pay Attention to Routine Tasks5. Accept Your FeelingsKey points to remember Practice Mindfulness I know that probably, like me, you’ve been inundated with adverts and articles that start “COVID-19” and, like me, you’ve got to the point of thinking “not another one!” As the UK government has implemented strict lockdown measures to help slow the spread of coronavirus, I’ve been reflecting on how we can all support our mental wellbeing during these unprecedented times [...]

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Coronavirus and Domestic Abuse


Coronavirus and Domestic Abuse Women are not necessarily safe in their own homes Why is this happening? Economic impact What can be done? Coronavirus and Domestic Abuse In an unequal world, crises like the coronavirus pandemic disproportionately affect women. Though recent evidence shows men are more likely to die from coronavirus, cultural and socio-economic factors impact women during crisis in other ways. In this blog, we look at the link between coronavirus and domestic abuse. With the global, rapid spread of the virus, many countries are in lockdown, encouraging people to stay home and stay safe – but homes aren’t always [...]

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Managing Mental Health during the Coronavirus Pandemic


Table of ContentsManaging Mental Health during the Coronavirus PandemicGovernment guidelines and potential drawbacksTips for managing mental health during lockdownDevelop a new Routine:Take care of physical health:Laughter:Stay Connected: Managing Mental Health during the Coronavirus Pandemic The outbreak of COVID-19 has effected many aspects of all of our lives and the bad news can seem never-ending. The lockdowns and social distancing measures that governments across the world have introduced are paramount to stopping the spread of the virus, but can have a negative impact on us psychologically and many are concerned for their mental health during the coronavirus pandemic. Government guidelines and potential [...]

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A Very Different Ramadan? Practising Faith during the Coronavirus Crisis


Ramadan  A crisis – with challenges and new openings Observing Ramadan apart from the community For many of us, the crisis is the norm Creative and innovative faith responses to the crisis A myriad of experiences that might benefit you, too Ramadan  A crisis – with challenges and new openings The spread of the coronavirus has caused a crisis that poses challenges many of us have never had to deal with before. We are affected by it in different ways, depending on who we are and where we live, but there are very few who do not find dealing with the [...]

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