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How to Practice Mindfulness


I know that probably, like me, you’ve been inundated with adverts and articles that start “COVID-19” and, like me, you’ve got to the point of thinking “not another one!” As the UK government has implemented strict lockdown measures to help slow the spread of coronavirus, I’ve been reflecting on how we can all support our mental wellbeing during these unprecedented times and how to practice mindfulness not only during the lockdown but after we return to normality as well. Creating new habits On average it takes about 3 weeks of practicing the same behaviours to create new habits or routines. Therefore, [...]

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Managing Mental Health during the Coronavirus Pandemic


The outbreak of COVID-19 has effected many aspects of all of our lives and the bad news can seem never-ending. The lockdowns and social distancing measures that governments across the world have introduced are paramount to stopping the spread of the virus, but can have a negative impact on us psychologically and many are concerned for their mental health during the coronavirus pandemic. Government guidelines and potential drawbacks On 23rd March the UK Government declared a state of national emergency and announced strict lockdown measures to manage the spread of COVID-19. Despite passing the three week deadline originally stated, the lockdown [...]

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Mental Health in the Workplace: An Invisible Aspect of Employee Welfare?


Mental health in the workplace is a significant aspect of employee welfare. But when you hear that there’s a training course addressing topics like anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders etc. Are your first thoughts along the lines of: “this is not for me” or “why would people want to talk about those things?” If they are, you are by no means alone and it's certainly not unusual to have those thoughts. In all parts of our Society, in every Sector, mental health is a topic that should and needs to be discussed as the following facts indicate: An estimated 1 [...]

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Mental Health Matters: A MUST for Humanitarians


August 20, 2019 Mental Health Matters: A MUST for Humanitarians ‘Mental health matters’: the need to acknowledge mental health and promote wellbeing in the humanitarian sector Despite the fact that more than a quarter of us will experience mental health issues at some point in our lives, mental health is very much a taboo topic in society as a whole and in the humanitarian sector. By the very nature of their work, humanitarian aid workers are exposed to challenging circumstances; if they are not able to talk about their experiences and receive adequate support, aid workers are likely to develop mental [...]

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The Role of Faith in Psychosocial Response


July 24, 2019 The Role of Faith in Psychosocial Response Religion and belief can act as powerful coping mechanism for individuals dealing with traumatic experiences. Despite this fact, the role of faith in psychosocial response to trauma often tends to be overlooked by practitioners working with survivors of trauma, R&D and IPD are addressing this significant gap by working on a one-year research project on ‘Developing a Faith Sensitive Psycho-Social Response to Trauma amongst Muslim Women’ (co-led by R&D and the International Programmes Division at IRW). Funding for the project has been approved by IR Canada. HAD Postgraduate Fellows Sandra Iman [...]

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