Alexander Simpson

“Alex is ultimately motivated by enabling and empowering local responders to deliver a more effective and sustainable service to those in need.”

Alexander Simpson

Programmes Coordinator

Alex has 4 years’ experience in the coordination and management of humanitarian projects and development programmes across Asia, Africa, and the MENA region. During this time, he has developed expertise in project management, monitoring and evaluation, and capacity building, while acquiring a broad level of thematic knowledge in WASH, Shelter, Food Security, Agriculture & Livestock, Livelihoods, and Emergency Response.

In his current capacity at HAD, Alex coordinates the delivery of non-profit and institutionally funded organisational capacity strengthening programmes for CSOs and local/national NGOs, to enable and empower them to deliver a more effective service. He has recently developed his skills as a trainer, and now co-delivers HAD’s Project DPro training, most recently in Kenya.

Alex graduated with a distinction in MSc Conflict, Security, and Development from the University of Birmingham, where he designed and conducted sensitive dissertation fieldwork along the highly remote and insecure Afghan-Tajik border.

Outside of work, Alex has travelled extensively, and enjoys hiking and camping around the UK. In his spare time, he volunteers with the British Red Cross as a local emergency responder, and has just started learning Arabic to support HAD in the implementation of our programmes.