3 Countries / 2018

Re-building Syria 2018: HAD provides capacity building training to Local NGOs Responding to the Syrian Crisis in Iraq, Turkey and Lebanon

Responding to current pressing humanitarian crisis’ is forever at the forefront of HAD’s objectives. With the ongoing conflict in Syria effecting several aspects of the lives of its inhabitants, HAD was hired to deliver a number of training courses aimed at empowering and strengthening the local NGOs responding to the Syrian crisis in Iraq, Turkey and Lebanon. The aim of these courses were to maximise their effectiveness and efficiency in responding to the growing needs resulting from the on-going conflict in Syria. This IRUK funded programme saw over 380 local humanitarian professionals trained in a number of training programmes including:

  • PMD Pro
  • Finance non-financial manager
  • Peace Building in Conflict
  • Management Development for Humanitarian organisations.
  • Fundraising

More often than not training humanitarians working in these conditions- one course is not enough. With this project HAD aimed to give local humanitarians the skills to be well-rounded and prepared workers within the field about to make a difference to their own communities. Empowering local communities empowers beneficiaries and enables a community to slowly regain their skills to live dignified, self-sufficient lives.

3 countries

To maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of these local humanitarians in responding to the ever growing needs of beneficiaries

Rebuilding Syria by providing capacity building training to local NGOs responding to the Syrian Crisis.

380 Local Syrian front-line humanitarian professionals trained in this capacity building initiative.

15 training courses