Faghya on Leadership Development Programme

“I would highly recommend HAD for any training needs you have”

“Having recently joined the organisation, it was really important for me to understand what being a leader at IR Canada looks like and what kind of skills I really need to acquire especially in the humanitarian context” says Faghya who is the Chief Finance Officer at Islamic Relief Canada leading a team of up to 50 people.

“So, taking on this programme it has been an incredible journey so far. When I think about the things we’ve learned, some of my favourite parts have been doing a lot of workshops and hands on activities  where initially it seemed like we’re playing a game and doing some sort of interactive activity but when you take a step back and reflect you realise there’s a lot of key take aways that can be applied to my day-to-day job and it’s been phenomenal to see how they can teach us the ways we can go about to be effective leaders.”