“I would highly recommend HAD for any training needs you have”


“Having recently joined the organisation, it was really important for me to understand what being a leader at IR Canada looks like and what kind of skills I really need to acquire especially in the humanitarian context” says Faghya who is the Chief Finance Officer at Islamic Relief Canada leading a team of up to 50 people. “So, taking on this programme it has been an incredible journey so far. When I think about the things we’ve learned, some of my favourite parts have been doing a lot of workshops and hands on activities  where initially it seemed like we’re playing [...]

“I would highly recommend HAD for any training needs you have”2023-07-16T12:16:23+00:00



“It's a brilliant leadership programme led by some of the finest trainers out there. I've definitely learnt a lot in the short space of just a week and can really see myself applying all the skills & knowledge to my role at Islamic Relief UK.”

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“Working within the humanitarian sector could sometime feel like being in a marathon-constantly running, and sometimes without envisioning a finishing line. This course was a much-needed breathing space, where we had a chance to stop and reflect on our day-to-day job. Think about methods we instinctively adopt and means to improve and develop. One of my take-aways from this course is learning to appreciate different personality traits and skill sets. I will always remember that I need to balance my focus and time amongst three elements, the individual, their tasks, and the team. It’s a journey to develop as managers, and [...]

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“As a humanitarian, my job requires me to have good communication, leadership and time management skills which ensures the work I do is of high quality and helps as many people as possible. Humanitarian work is also about building trust. My role requires me to talk to different groups of people in different ways, from children to older people and religious leader. And you need to be a good observer so you can try to understand how people think. I may not always be prepared to deal with difficult situations like these and so this is where the Humanitarian Academy for [...]

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“The report writing training was so powerful and effective that as a result, we’ve now secured new projects from donors” says Hadeel who is from Gaza working with an association for equality and human rights in the Gaza Strip. She attended one of the popular trainings by HAD on Report Writing which focuses on helping humanitarians write quality reports, enabling them to secure funding. Before completing the training by HAD, Hadeel was finding it difficult to convince some donors on reasons why they should help the association but soon after passing the course, she and her team went onto gain funding. [...]

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“First, I would like to thank HAD team and the trainer who explained the lesson and the importance of follow-up, evaluation and accountability during our report writing and strategic planning trainings. I learned how to manage projects and solve problems” says Tazhan who was one of the participants from on the training in partnership with UNFPA Iraq. She works for the National Mine Action Authority (NMAA) as an administrator and compensation officer. Tazhan found the trainings to help her with how managers solve problems and found the theory and practical skills to be extremely beneficial as she’s aiming to become a [...]

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“It was one of the best courses I've ever had on humanitarian training. I feel I've learnt a lot of valuable skills that can help me to implement changes in how I work with people in need and within my team in Iraq.”

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“Train The Trainer Programme was a great opportunity for me to connect with all trainers in the field who know best the context of Yemen and in specific the Civil Society Organisations in Yemen. HAD provided me with the right skills & knowledge to be able to tackle some difficult projects and tasks in my field of work. The academy is helping to leave a legacy and build the true capacity of local CSOs and to also have a team of local experts and trainers like me who’ll be ready to provide training for the purpose of improving the performance of [...]

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