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Social justice is one of the core values of Islamic Relief (IR). It is the main driver of our Gender Justice Policy. The policy indicates IR’s commitment to gender justice as an incorporated theme throughout its programmes. Deeplyrooted inequalities and power imbalances result in gender-based violence (GBV), which IR recognises as a major hindrance for achieving its development goals. Actions preventing and mitigating the risk of GBV are strategically integrated in IR’s humanitarian, development and advocacy programmes. It has integrated numerous GBV prevention activities into livelihood projects in Iraq, engaging both men and women on the moral and Islamic legal position prohibiting violence against women. It has also provided legal, social and SGBV (sexual and gender-based violence) counselling in Yemen before the current crisis, as well as running classes and counselling parents on the harm of early marriage (IRW, 2014).

During 2015 – the first year of piloting the GBV in WASH initiative – IR developed methods, tools and context-specific approaches to prevent GBV in WASH. Hence, it gathered the lessons learnt to develop a practical toolkit which feeds into IR’s Gender Justice Policy. It tests some of the applicable methodologies to prevent GBV. It also enriches the knowledge base on GBV in WASH and helps build theory and guidelines.


Najah Almugahed (2016) Integrating GBV in WASH toolkit: Lessons from Yemen, Islamic Relief Worldwide, Birmingham, UK.


Najah Almugahed


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