Islamic Relief Syria Response 2016

The Syrian crisis has entered its seventh year, with no immediate solution in sight. Civilians continue to suffer from violence, displacement and destruction with 13.5 million people now in desperate need of humanitarian support. There are 4.6 million people trapped in besieged and hard-to-reach areas, with limited flexibility to move and restricted access to food, water and healthcare. More than half of the Syrian population have fled their homes, with a high proportion of children among those displaced. Nearly 5 million Syrians (4,898,353 and rising) have sought refuge in neighbouring countries. Moreover, the crisis is worsening due to the restrictions imposed by neighbouring states on those fleeing Syria, resulting in hundreds of thousands of people trapped in dreadful conditions in border areas. Despite the best efforts of international humanitarian organisations to support the people of Syria, the situation is becoming increasingly desperate. Supporting those caught up in the conflict is a fundamental and collective obligation, while efforts must also be made by all parties to reach an end to the conflict.

In line with the vision of Islamic Relief’s regional strategy, we have put in place initiatives to respond effectively and efficiently to the Syrian crisis. We are delivering wide-ranging programmes in various areas such as health, food, education, non-food items (NFIs), and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services. We have also strengthened the capacity of our teams so they are better able to respond to emergency situations in Syria and neighbouring countries.


Islamic Relief Worldwide (2017) Islamic Relief Syria Response 2016, Islamic Relief Worldwide, Birmingham, UK.


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