Islamic Relief is getting ready to celebrate its 20th year of service to humanity. We’ve worked to help bring about positive change for people in need, and thanks be to God, over the years, we’ve been able to reach more people than ever before. With your continued support and with the help of our teams, this report shows some of the challenges we’ve been able to tackle and the great achievements we’ve made together during 2011. This annual report shows what great things can be accomplished when people come together for a common purpose. Through the height of emergencies, we helped give people in need a chance to start over. We supported them through crisis and we provided them with the things they needed to get back on their feet. In the pages that follow, you’ll read more about how we’ve helped tornado victims in Alabama, and people suffering through East Africa’s historic drought. We were also able to implement long-term projects that offered ways for people to help get themselves out of poverty. In Palestine, we’ve continued to promote education by repairing classrooms and modernizing classroom tools. In Pakistan, we helped farmers learn ways to improve their crops and defend their livestock from disease. In the United States, we helped give poor and underserved schoolchildren food to eat throughout the summer. Islamic Relief USA is committed to being a positive vehicle for change in our world, and our goal is always to help affected populations regain self-sufficiency and sustainability. The growing partnerships, positive media coverage, and recognitions we’ve received are a testament to our success.


Islamic Relief USA (2011), Islamic Relief USA Annual Report 2011,[Online]. Available:


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