Islamic Relief has long been known to help ease the suffering of some of the poorest and most vulnerable people around the world. But this tremendous task can not be done by one organization alone. Building on a common foundation and belief in providing humanitarian aid, Islamic Relief was proud to widen our partnerships with other organizations during 2006. Islamic Relief also expanded its relationship with The Church of Jesus Christ and Latter-day Saints, to ship over $5 million of relief aid to Kenya, Ethiopia, Niger, Lebanon, Indonesia, and Bangladesh. Although emergency relief is a necessary part of the work Islamic Relief engages in, to truly better the lives of those less fortunate, relief must not be limited to times of crisis; it must last for the long-run and communities must learn to help themselves. In 2006, Islamic Relief worked diligently to strengthen communities in the aftermath of disasters, in turn helping them to be less dependent on foreign aid. In Pakistan, our cash-for-work projects and interest-free loans helped thousands learn new skills and earn a living to support their families. We trained thousands of people in Kenya and Java, Indonesia to teach others in their communities about the role of good hygiene in preventing disease. We also repaired water systems in Lebanon, giving communities greater access to clean, purified drinking water. Our Domestic Projects saw their share of development as well. Islamic Relief was on the ground in Katrina-affected areas of the Gulf Coast clearing debris and rebuilding homes. Our annual Humanitarian Day event benefited people in a record 14 cities across the United States and for the first time ever, the ‘Evening of Inspiration’ concert came to the U.S., helping to raise over $1 million for child victims of humanitarian crises. This Annual Report highlights some of our larger projects in 2006.


Islamic Relief USA (2006), Keeping the Promise (Islamic Relief 2006 Annual Report) [Online], Available:


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