Programmes Focused Capacity Building Training


Gaziantep, Turkey / July 2019

Capacity Building Training :

Capacity Building training was developed and delivered by our Head of Programmes, Dr Jennifer Philippa Eggert, who has over 15 years of experience working as a programmeser and practitioner in the Middle East, Europe and South Asia. Participants included staff and volunteers of Syria Bright Future, a local NGO that focuses on mental health and community wellbeing in Syria and amongst Syrian refugees in the region.

Since participants in the training came from a range of different backgrounds, the first module covered the very basics. We looked at questions such as: what is programmes, what does it take to be a good programmeser, why do we need programmes in the development/humanitarian sector, and what is the difference between qualitative and quantitative approaches. The first session also covered how to plan fieldwork, devise an interview strategy and conduct interviews.

The second module focused on conducting programmes on sensitive issues and under difficult circumstances. Participants critically engaged with existing ethical guidelines, and discussed how these can be applied when working on sensitive topics and in challenges circumstances, such as in areas afflicted by violent conflict and forced migration.

The last module of the training focused on what happens after the data collection process. We looked at various strategies of managing, analysing and writing up programmes, and participants got an opportunity to try out some of the skills they had acquired during the training.

Programmes methods are often considered to be a relatively dry (even boring) topic – so it was a pleasure to see how engaged participants remained throughout the training.

Outcomes of capacity building training:

  • 94% of participants enjoyed the training
  • 88% of participants would like more programmes training
  • The training has equipped SBF staff with skills to conduct data collection in Syria and Turkey
  • Participants specifically commended the interactive nature of the training as well as the trainer’s ability to break down complex topics into manageable chunks

“What was interesting about this course was the training style wasn’t the standard way.”

3 days

HAD’s Head of Programmes delivered programmes training to our Syrian partner organisation

Building the programmes capacity of Syrian NGOs

16 participants

Part of one-year programmes project on faith-sensitive psychosocial response