Research and Development

The HAD Research and Development (R&D) team carry out original research on humanitarian response and international development, as well as in partnership with other organisations, universities and research centres.

Humanitarian Academy for Development (HAD)By carrying out original research we seek to generate new thinking on development and important topics such as climate change, healthcare, education and gender equality.

We recognise that local knowledge is critical to this, so we work with communities to understand key development challenges and multiple forms of deprivation.

How we work

In our operations, we engage different forms of knowledge. These include the inspiration and guidance from Islam, and also scientific knowledge generated by researchers from FBOs, NGOs and academic institutions.


The Research and Development Team works with HAD Academy Fellows  to produce ground-breaking, innovative and relevant research publications. These publications are used to improve field projects and programmes, as well as develop policies and strategies, engage in policy discourses and improve resource mobilisation.

Our publications can now be accessed via the HAD e-Library.

Contact us today

We welcome individual and institutional queries or ideas for collaboration.

You can contact us by calling us on 0121 309 0290 or emailing