Sustain 2021


Tanzania / 2020-2021

Sustain 2021 Tanzania :Aiming at improving CSOs Financial Sustainability, the project interventions worked towards developing increase income generation of the CSOs from diversified sources, improve effectiveness of fundraising activities and increase human capital in the area of fundraising.

Project included conducting a baseline study in each country for 21 LNGOs, producing a concrete definition and framework of financial sustainability, development of 5 financial sustainability training modules, delivery of trainings complemented with mentoring and coaching to devise financial sustainability plans, and upskilling local experts in training delivery of financial sustainability.

Training and mentoring topics covered: Financial sustainability, Income generation, resource mobilisation, cost management and financial strategy.

Project Management Courses

This project enabled us to achieve some milestone changes particularly in the mindset of the participating Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in Kyrgyzstan & Tanzania so they are no longer just focused on donor funding to support their work but thinking about the ways they can generate more income in a holistic way to ensure they are sustainable

14 countries

Generating HAD accredited Trainers across the world- including Europe, North America, East Africa, MENA-EE and ASEAN regions.

Launched in September 2016 to help bridge the gap between SMEs and participants.

80 participants trained since launch.

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