Sustainability and climate change in major religions with a focus on Islam. Climate change mitigates adaptation and requires not only technical solutions, but also better insights in the understanding of relevant belief and identity systems, in which religion plays an important role. Human attitudes, convictions and ultimately our consumption patterns will play an important role in climate adaptation and mitigation. Religion is a key determinant of individual convictions and a central marker of behaviour and community belonging. The report presents findings from the world’s second largest religion, Islamic, on attitudes and behaviours to climate change in countries around the world. Climate change preparedness in several Muslim dominated countries is relatively low in spite of the fact that some of the countries that will be most affected by climate change are Muslim majority. This report is based on a new survey on Muslim leaders and our assessment of population level datasets around the world focused on attitudes towards climate change.


Vegard Skirbekk and Konrad Pędziwiatr


Programmes Report


Islamic Relief Worldwide






Climate Change, Faith Perspective, Islam, sustainability