UK / 2015- ongoing

The ground-breaking Volunteer Leadership Programme (VLP), the first of its kind globally, is a volunteer-lead programme designed to train its participants in the subject area of desire. Co-developed and ran by HAD and Islamic Relief UK, some of the course areas we cover include digital and social, fundraising and volunteering on the front lines etc. At HAD, empowering and strengthening the humanitarian sector including its future and upcoming humanitarian leaders of tomorrow.

This programme has greatly improved volunteer retention and produced winner of the Volunteer of the Year Award, along with several participants who became Chairs of committees and also became IRUK employees as a result of the programme. It was officially awarded the Princess Royal Training Award in 2018 and fundraising events that have benefitted from the input of VLP graduates have typically seen 50% increases in income.


90+ participants took part in this

18+ months of free training

Winner of the Princess Royale Award

Some participants secured full-time employment after training

The Volunteer Leadership Programme was officially awarded the prestigious Princess Royal Training Award in 2018

90+ juniors

Winner of the Princess Royal training awards in 2018.

Empowering volunteers in the humanitarian sector so that they can be effective in their voluntary works and to increase their skill-sets.

18+ months of free training to participants.

Fundraising programmes that have benefitted from the input of VLP have seen an increase of income up to 50%