In the twelfth year of Islamic Relief’s Waqf programme, it gives me great pleasure to report on the performance of your Waqf contributions and on the life-changing support your generosity has provided. It is with the support of people such as yourself that we are able to carry out such vital work, the fruits of which can be seen in the benefit derived by the beneficiaries, who are able to gain an improved quality of life. Alhamdulillah.

From our investment of the Waqf funds during the year 2011, we used the profits to fund a variety of projects in 2012: from life-saving food distribution in war torn Syria, to providing health screening for orphans & children in Sri Lanka, providing water and sanitation for conflict affected population in Sudan and implementing sustainable livelihood project in Indonesia.

It is only by the Grace of Allah (SWT) through donors like you that Islamic Relief can achieve all it does in the past year for the poor, the needy and the destitute. We hope you remain involved with us in helping to revive the great Islamic tradition of Waqf and that you continue to be a supporter in our vital work.

Once again, on behalf of Islamic Relief Worldwide and all the people we help, we thank you for your generosity to bring help and hope to so many. We pray that Allah (SWT) will reward you for your contributions, in this life and the hereafter.


Islamic Relief Waqf. (2012). Waqf Annual Report 2012. Islamic Relief Worldwide, Birmingham, [Online] Available:


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