Gaza, Palestine / 2020-2021

The project contributed to increasing youth inclusiveness in Covid-19 response in Gaza. The training course aimed at enhancing skills, knowledge and confidence of 15 youth from Gaza Strip in their ability to design, facilitate and implement, round-table/webinars discussion with relevant stakeholders on the COVID-19 response in Gaza, through evidence-based presentation.

16 days of training to 12 youth supported by 4 days mentoring & coaching.

Project Management Courses

By mobilising subject matter experts, HAD are empowering trainers to develop vital skills. This ensures that participants retain the information in the long run.

14 countries

Generating HAD accredited Trainers across the world- including Europe, North America, East Africa, MENA-EE and ASEAN regions.

Launched in September 2016 to help bridge the gap between SMEs and participants.

80 participants trained since launch.

100% satisfaction