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Safety and Security training

Programme Overview

Safety and Security training is essential in the work of humanitarian organizations Unfortunately, casualties cannot be completely avoided in the humanitarian aid sector. During the amazing work that they do, humanitarians expose themselves to certain risks. This is particularly true when working in conflict-afflicted zones. However, with sufficient risk assessment and preparation, it is often possible to prevent these casualties or at least minimise the impact.

Safety and Security training in the field” is a 4 day programme delivered in two linked phases:

The first phase focuses on prevention and impact mitigation, whilst the second phase, ‘Reacting to Security incidents’, shifts the focus to practical applications in dealing with security incidents.

In addition to the classroom based content, there are two E-learning modules that participants are required to complete prior to the face-to-face training. These modules provide valuable grounding in security matters. The classroom environment provides a unique opportunity for participants to share experiences and exchange ideas as well as form new alliances that they can draw on when travelling.

If you travel abroad for your work, a safety and security course for you.

Main Objectives:

  • To understand the difference between safety and security.

  • Describe the role of preventative measures in personal security.

  • List the factors that impact personal security.

  • Identify who is responsible for aspects of security.
  • Define risk, threat and vulnerability in the context of personal security.
  • Identify threats

  • Analyse threats and the potential impacts.
  • Experience realistic simulations and practice appropriate reactions.

  • Learn how to use a two way radio.
  • Learn and practice some basic self-defence techniques.

What will you learn?

  • 1
    Part 1: What is Safety? What is Security?
  • 2
    Part 2: Context
  • 3
    Part 3: Risk Threats and Vulnerability
  • 4
    Part 4: Security Strategies
  • 5
    Part 5: Before you go
  • 6
    Part 6: Whilst you are away

Who Is This Course For?

How to know if this course is for you:

  • Humanitarians working in the field
  • Humanitarian workers across all fields of the sector that include travel in their job description.

Safety and Security training

L&D Team

The Learning and Development team have extensive experience in providing this training course and are well equipped with taking your skills to the next level. Our team have designed this specifically for the needs of NGO and charity sector. Be it at our bespoke training centre in Birmingham or via our new virtual space, we can support you with techniques that suit your learning style.

Marketing and Visibility

By mobilising subject matter experts HAD are empowering trainers within other communities to equip themselves with the skills to effectively transfer them through training that is retained.


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