Global / 2015- ongoing

The Leadership Development Programme (LDP) enhances top-level capability and moulds INGO culture.

This flagship executive programme expands horizons by demonstrating how the organisation can thrive as a result of improved strategic leadership. Greater executive impact results from effective leadership behaviours so that, aligned with corporate strategy, others are inspired to follow and give their best. LDP is accredited with the acclaimed ILM Level 7 Award in Leadership & Management qualification. This makes it internationally recognised as equivalent in standard to Master’s Level.

To practise good leadership behaviours, subsequently apply them in the workplace and thus enhance the performance of the leadership group. This course helps instil a sense of personal responsibility and challenge to become true strategic leaders.


47 leaders developed and enhanced

workflow increased by 20% in offices

staff turnover reduced by 10% in 3 months

LDP has increased the workflow in offices by 20% and reduced staff turnover by 10% in 3 months through empowering and training members in leadership positions to effectively and authentically lead their organisation and/or teams

47 participants

Internationally recognised as equivalent in standard to a master's level degree.

LDP enhances top level capacity building and moulds INGO culture.

ILM Lv 7 award in Leadership and Management qualification.

Staff turnover reduced by 10% in 3 months, whilst workflow in offices increased by 20%