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The world we are living in today has become a difficult place to survive with a growing array of issues. Economic inequality is posing huge challenges for our society. The poor and marginalized communities are still the first victims and often left behind to shoulder the burden of risk, exploitation and debt. Climate Change on the other hand is also making it hard for people to cope with extreme conditions as more places are prone to floods, droughts and extreme heat or cold. In these challenging times, Islamic Relief Pakistan is giving people hope and possibilities to make a change. We are helping people, making them aware of their rights and reshaping their futures in numerous ways. Our aspiring agenda of ‘Reaching the Unreached’ is changing the lives of millions living in some of the remotest areas of Pakistan. Our efforts and work are widely appreciated by the government, media and communities. This booklet will help you to learn and better understand the impact of our developmental and humanitarian programmes and campaigns. Our geographic presence across Pakistan reflects our holistic approach, which begins with emergency response followed by recovery and development initiatives. We have been responding to floods, earthquakes and emergencies all over Pakistan for the last two and a half decades. We have worked to enhance the resilience of local communities to disasters before they happen. Through our development work we are addressing some of the key priorities for Pakistan such as Climate Change, Water and Sanitation, Food Security and Livelihoods. We strongly believe that gender mainstreaming must not be neglected. For this very reason, we are strengthening women living in our intervention areas and amplifying their voices. Islamic Relief believes that the key to human development is through investment in people. With this conviction, Islamic Relief working in collaboration with government institutions has supported the establishment and nurturing of 2,600 male and female participatory community organizations that over time have taken charge of their development priorities. Since beginning work in Pakistan in 1992, we have supported over 8 million people regardless of colour, creed or race, and we look forward to supporting even more people in partnership with the government, development and humanitarian agencies, academia, media and the community.


Islamic Relief Pakistan (2017) Reaching the Unreached, Islamic Relief Pakistan, Islamabad, Pakistan.


Islamic Relief Pakistan


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