5 Reasons Charities Should Work Together

When organisations have similar aims, working together can reduce costs, amplify a shared message and generally have more impact. At HAD, we really value our partnerships with other organisations, and we want to encourage more charities and NGOs to collaborate to increase the capacity of the sector, so here are 5 reasons charities should work together.

It reduces costs

One of the biggest reasons charities should work together is the opportunity to save money. Pooling together funds and resources for a campaign or project means that the impact can potentially be twice as big as it would if attempted solo. For instance, hosting a fundraising event can be especially effective as all costs can be shared. Not only that, but it also reduces the amount of time and resources required to run a successful event.

It increases awareness

By working together charities can double their reach, resulting in increased exposure for both organisations as well as their cause. This is especially important for smaller charities which may not have much reach initially. Raising the profile of a charity and its cause is also likely to lead to an increase in donations and funding.

It builds networks

Ultimately, working with other charities and organisations adds to your network of like-minded NGO professionals. This network can hold countless opportunities for your organisation or even yourself! The more people that are aware of the charity, the bigger reach it will have, amplifying your message and hopefully leading to an increase in donations. Your network may also be kind enough to share your content with their networks, further increasing awareness and reach.

It’s a chance to learn new skills

Working with another charity can provide the chance to learn new skills – a fantastic reason charities should work together. Networking with or pooling together with another charity to access training courses provides excellent opportunity for capacity building within both organisations. You could also learn a lot just from how another organisation is run or how they approach campaigns or projects.

It’s an opportunity for innovation

Collaborating with another charity can highlight solutions to existing problems. By combing skills and resources you can help solve these problems and increase your impact. Maybe you’re able to identify where each other’s organisation needs support, which you can then offer, or maybe you now qualify for certain funds/bids which you otherwise wouldn’t, or wouldn’t have the capacity to apply for.

With so many reasons charities should work together, we really want to encourage relationship building and networking between UK NGOs.

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Written by Romey Watters

Digital Marketing Officer