June 24, 2020
HAD Becomes Member of the H2H Network

Here at HAD, we are delighted to share that we are now a member of the H2H Network and have been granted funding for a Covid-19 response capacity building project.

The H2H Network, which stands for ‘humanitarian-to-humanitarian’ network, consists of approximately 50 organisations that provide high-quality and integrated services to support other humanitarian responders. Network members address cross-cutting issues to help the overall response be more effective, of higher quality, and more efficient. Services on offer include data gathering, analysis and information management, community engagement, standard setting, capacity building, research and learning as well as security, logistics and stand by capacities. The H2H Fund is a network service that supports members to quickly provide their services in specific emergencies.

The H2H Network is supported by UK aid from the UK government and provides its members with tools, support and funding, through the H2H Fund, to help them quickly activate in an emergency.

H2H Network Supports Global Response to Covid-19

The H2H Network reactivated its fund for member agencies to deliver a deep and broad package of services in support of the humanitarian sector, globally and locally. The reactivation follows an initial round of funding in February 2020 when the H2H Network supported a package of humanitarian services aiming to counter misinformation with facts in relevant languages and accessible formats, focusing on countries with less resilient healthcare systems.

“There are many unknowns around the Covid-19 pandemic, but we can say for sure that it is likely to have a disproportionate impact on countries already dealing with issues such as climate change, conflict, inequality, and weak governance. Fast funding and early action from technical agencies supporting the broader humanitarian system can help ensure that the ongoing global health crisis doesn’t turn into a full-blown humanitarian crisis for many of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable.” – Rebecca Petras, H2H Network’s Director (interim)

The activation of the fund is intended to limit the global, regional, and local impacts of Covid-19 with a range of cross-cutting services to support communities and humanitarians faced with compounded emergencies. It fills gaps left when programmes from international NGOs were reduced because of the pandemic, and it provides new approaches to support vulnerable populations while also maintaining strict Covid-19 guidelines. Support is available at no cost to humanitarians and spans expertise in communications and community engagement, data and information, logistics and security, and quality and standards. Services include the following:

  • Support to the health sector to quickly disseminate epidemiologically accurate messaging.
  • Expertise in information and data analysis, assessment, visualization, and management.
  • Help for agencies building up monitoring and evaluation expertise.
  • New remote techniques for collecting feedback and needs from vulnerable populations while maintaining distance.
  • Capacity building and knowledge-sharing support, with an emphasis on water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH), mental health, and psychosocial programming.

One of the funded member agencies is MapAction. Ian Davis, Fundraising and Marketing Director, said “MapAction is excited to be a part of the H2H Covid-19 Support Package. We often coordinate and collaborate with H2H partners, as we provide expert humanitarian geospatial and visualization capacity. As a part of this package, we anticipate supporting more of them than ever, as we all bring our specialist skills and capabilities to bear against the effects of this pandemic.”

The H2H Network developed the scope of the activation in consultation with experts based in international agencies leading the response, including the World Health Organization (WHO), international Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Capacity Building in the Covid-19 context

HAD have been granted a DFID funded project through our membership with the H2H Network to remotely build the capacity of 30 NGOs across Iraq, Syria and Yemen to adapt to a Covid-19 context.

The project will benefit local NGOs who need to urgently adjust to Covid-19 to continue their regular programmes and to become Covid-19 responders.

“The H2H network is an empowering hub providing services and products to humanitarian organisations to ensure better response during times of crises. HAD believes strongly in greater collaboration and coordination within the sector and for this reason we are excited to be a part of, and to work with this exciting network of organisations.” – Tom Goodwin, Programmes and Grants Officer

We’re very excited to be a member of the H2H Network and look forward to what we can accomplish with their support.

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Written by Romey Watters

Digital Marketing Officer