HAD Recommends: Top 10 Charity Film Awards Shortlist

February 18, 2020

On the 20th of January the Charity Film Awards released a news piece announcing the shortlist for their award which aims to celebrate the best videos produced by UK charities. The shortlist was based on public votes.

Often charities utilise shock factor to evoke an emotional response, but does this work? In a saturated environment full of shock factor adverts it becomes difficult to differentiate between charities and their appeals. For this reason, the Charity Film Awards are so important in allowing us to see what works and what the public prefers.

You can view the full list of shortlisted Charites here:

We picked top 10 Charity Film Awards videos that we thought were most impactful for their cause:

Alzheimer’s Research UK |#ShareTheOrange

#ShareTheOrange grabs your attention from the get-go, with notably celebrity Samuel L. Jackson advocating for a cause close to his heart. “I’ve been surrounded by Alzheimer’s most of my life.” Samuel has had six relatives diagnosed with the disease. The video also incorporates a mixture of CGI and animation in with the video, making it both aesthetically pleasing, informative and impactful. Alzheimer’s Research UK is within the £20 Million – £50 Million bracket.

Born Free Foundation | The Bitter Bond

The direction of this video embodies the message of their campaign; trust that ends in betrayal. As the viewer you’re carried through what looks like a loving, happy story only to have a twist at the end. It helps tell a cruel story in an effective manner whilst also raising awareness on what the true purpose of some captivity centres are for.  Born Free Foundation is within the £5 Million – £20 Million bracket.

Barnardo’s | Believe in Me 2019

This video raises awareness on the subject of bullying both physically and cyber. The bullies are represented by CGI hyenas, a perfect representation for the concept of bullies. The hyenas make a strong impact and offers a fresh approach to a well-known topic that has been spoken about for years. The story ends not in despair but in hopefulness with the counselling scheme run by the charity. Barnardo’s is in the £50 Million plus bracket.

Action for Children | Become a Secret Santa

The clip uses storytelling and magic to tell a serious story across the UK face and to help bring joy in the lives of these children as “on the neglect some children secret santas” who help make Christmas special. The video captures your attention with its delightful stylised illustrations and the hopeful twist to the narrative through displaying the changes of their lives. Action for Children is in the £50 Million plus bracket.

Surfers Against Sewage | #TheCreature

The video is a story built from the perspective of different people recalling a sobering event. This video effectively shows the direct impact of pollution and the ripple effects of this event. The viewers are taken on a rollercoaster of emotions from intrigue to worry to hope then finally to a sombre realisation without directly ‘sadvertising’. Surfers Against Sewage is in the £500K – £5 Million bracket.

Muslim Aid | My Zakat Where The Need is Greatest

The campaign is immediately captivating, with a display of ‘real people’ discussing relatable concerns such as ‘tea’ and ‘energy levels’ to help tackle preconceptions of Muslims. The advocacy campaign then seamlessly flows into their donation campaign. Muslim Aid is in the £20 Million – £50 Million bracket.

Family Friends | Two hours of Your Time

This issue is something that hits ‘close to home’ for a lot of people who live in difficult situations and have disadvantaged families. It is also a domestic problem rather than international. The campaign also tackles modern day problems such as self-worth and a feeling of ‘emptiness’ in people and presents a solution that compliments both situations. Family Friends is in the £100K – £500K bracket.

Plan international | This is How Girls Get Equal

This video is upbeat and inspirational yet informative. Highlighting the issue of women’s rights globally and the need for equality which benefits all. The video presents both male and female advocates making it even more powerful and doesn’t feature and saddening tones. Plan International is in the £20 Million – £50 Million bracket.

British Red Cross | Every Refugee Matters

The refugee crisis is something that has been at the forefront of discussion for years and the concept of these being real human lives and not ‘just a number’ is often forgotten. The video presenting real worries and pains, such as separation and her struggle to make things work, making it relatable to our own lives. British Red Cross is in the £50 Million plus bracket.

Canal & River Trust | Recharge by Your Local Canal

The video presents us with an adorable mascot representing life in urban environments and how it can get you down. By giving a mental health spin to a charity focusing on maintaining rivers and canals it gives a personal feel to the campaign making it more impactful. Canal & River Trust is in the £50 Million plus bracket.

So that’s our top ten! Do you have a different favourite? Think we may have missed another impactful video? Let us know on our social media. Follow HAD on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

Written by Hannan Almasyabi

Marketing Support Officer