Stepping into the first half of 2023 has been a very exciting time of growth and progress for us here at HAD. We’ve been working on developing the capabilities of humanitarians, empowering those dedicated to aiding the most vulnerable and crisis-stricken corners of our world, including regions like Yemen. We’ve worked with NGOs and CSOs, to strengthen and transform the skill set of on-ground humanitarians which is ultimately helping to elevate their service to those in dire need. A key achievement for us was being a part of the STRIDE project which aims to equip local partners of Islamic Relief with the right skill-set so that they can carry out vital work in the best way possible. So far, we’ve helped reach over 40 dedicated NGO & CSO representatives working in some parts of Africa and Asia. The journey through these projects has been incredible for us and, we hope you enjoy flipping through some of our highlights, just as much as we enjoyed making them happen.

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Newsletter January – June 2023