World NGO Day

NGOs are a vital part of the humanitarian sector. By being free of governmental affiliation, NGOs are able to help where others are limited.
World NGO Day is about celebrating NGO achievements, strengthening collaborative efforts and critically analysing what could be improved within the sector moving forward in order to be more effective in aiding the Humanitarian Sector.

Another aim of the celebratory day is to raise awareness of the work various NGOs are doing to bring around positive change, whether in the field of International Development or localised training.

World ngo day

World NGO Day is also a fantastic opportunity for smaller, grassroots organisations to gain some recognition of their work. With an estimated number of 10 million NGOs worldwide, it is now more difficult than ever for new organisations to make an impact whilst gaining that vital recognition and traction.

Some of the ways developing NGOs and grassroots organisations can tackle that is through collaborative work by creating of a clear, dedicated marketing strategy and strengthening their digital presence. World NGO Day is the perfect opportunity for this.


We’ve created an infographic for some more ideas on how you could participate in World NGO Day.

Click on the image below to expand and download.

Written By Hannan Almasyabi

Marketing and Communications Assistant

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